What You Should know About Automation

What You Should know About Automation

Definition of Automation

Automation is the creation and application of technology to produce goods and services with minimal human intervention. The implementation of automation technologies, techniques, and processes improves the efficiency and reliability, and/or speed of many tasks that were previously performed by humans.
Usually, automation is being used to minimize labor or to substitute humans in the most menial or repetitive tasks. It’s more prevalent in manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and security.
Automation can also be explained to be the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of product services.

The brief historical part of Automation

The term AUTOMATION was coined in the automobile industry in about 1946 to describe the increased use of automatic devices and controls in mechanized production lines. The origin of the word was attributed to D.S Harder, an engineering manager at the Ford motor company at the time. The term is widely used in a manufacturing context but it is outside the manufacturing context in connection with a variety of systems in which there is a significant substitution of mechanical, electrical, or computerized effort for human effort and intelligence.

Professionalism in Automation

The road to becoming an automation professional often starts as a career choice and then becomes a lifelong profession. Automation professionals are important contributors to the economy and society. They are known for their specialized knowledge, starting with degrees and certificate as the foundation of this knowledge, they have a deep personal commitment to learning, the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism which includes skills, good judgment, and productive interaction with others.
Automation professionals involved in the creation, application, and monitoring of such technologies are in high demand.

Benefits/importance of Automation

Automation has enabled house owners to run, manage, and monitor their house or buildings through their smart phones, such homes are known as automated or smart homes. Let’s look at some benefits of automating your homes and buildings.

1. Appliance safety and lightning control
2. Security through automated door locks
3. Increase awareness through security cameras
4. Gives you control even you’re out of the country

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